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Establishment & Мission

Composer’s house, in which he lived from 1951 until his death in 1978, is a museum nowadays. This was his wish, expressed in his last testament. Fulfilling his will, his wife Elka Vladigerova has donated her share in the house and composer’s archive. His son Alexander Vladigerov and his grandson Pancho Vladigerov are co-donators as well.

The Pancho Vladigerov House Museum in Sofia has been open to visitors since 2005. Our mission is not to provide a motionless museum space, but a place for meetings, music, people and events as in composer’s time. The unique atmosphere of Vladigerov’s home, his piano and grand piano, which are in very good condition, help us organise the following activities:

  • Master classes.
  • Music and educational concerts.
  • Promotions of CDs and books – science fiction and musical books.
  • Temporary exhibitions.
  • Celebrations and anniversaries.
  • Concerts.