Pancho Vladigerov


In the midst of the documentary exhibition is placed Vladigerov’s piano “Steinway”, an impressive concert instrument, used for chamber concerts, master classes, etc. The photographic portraits of Vladigerovi brothers and composer’s mother contribute to the atmosphere of domesticity and tangible presence.

Next to the documentary exhibition, composer’s favourite recreation spot has been preserved and reconstructed. The porch, glazed with French windows, furnished by the house proprietors in a folk style, raises the spirits, adds colour to the house and represents a gradual transition to the verdancy outside.

Vladigerov’s study has been reconstructed to its original design, as left by the composer. In this small room, there are his grand piano, desk, the unfailing “Grandmother Rubber” and “Grandfather Pencil”, his favourite “grossvaterstuhl’ (armchair) and a unique collection of framed photographs, hanging on the walls, showing more or less familiar faces of composers, conductors, pianists, violinists and singers, Vladigerov’s friends and co-workers. Most photos are inscribed. This collection, assembled for over 60 years and constantly supplemented, creates a unique atmosphere of intellectual communication with the composer.