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Life in Dates

1899 - 1912 Childhood

In 1899, on March 13, Pancho Haralanov Vladigerov was born in Zurich.

Mother: Eliza Pasternak-Vladigerova, a gynaecologist.
Father: Haralan Vladigerov, PhD in Law.
On July 18, 1899, Pancho and his twin brother, Lyuben, were baptised at the Church of Christ’s Ascension, Shumen.

In 1906, he took his first piano lessons from the piano pedagogue Pavla Weisman-Zhekova.

In 1907, for the first time, he participated in a concert with his brother, Lyuben (who studied violin), at the St. Archangel Michael Community Centre, Shumen.

In 1908, his father, Haralan Vladigerov, died.

In 1909, he finished his primary education at the State School in Shumen. He also visited his mother’s native town, Odessa, and took part in a concert there.

In 1910, his family moved to Sofia and Pancho entered the Private School of Music under the piano pedagogue Heinrich Wizner. He took his first lessons in theory of music and composition from Dobri Hristov. He made his first attempts to compose music, entered in his music book. He received a state scholarship, however, one for the two brothers, Pancho and Lyuben.

In 1912, his work was published for the first time: The Song of the Pinching - in the Artist newspaper. With one state scholarship for both brothers, Pancho and Lyuben left for Berlin to study there.