Pancho Vladigerov

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Life in Dates

1913 - 1920 Study in Germany

In 1914, he wrote his Sonata for Violin and Piano in D Major, to which he gave opus number 1.

From 1914 to 1918, Vladigerov studied piano with Prof. Heinrich Bart, and musical theory and composition with Paul Juon at the Higher School of Music in Berlin.

In 1915, he enrolled in master classes in piano and musical composition at the Academy of Arts. He studied under Prof. Georg Schumann and Prof. Leonid Kreutzer. He wrote his first opuses.

In 1918, Pancho was awarded the prestigious Mendelssohn Prize of the University of Berlin for his Concerto for Piano and Orchestra № 1, op. 6.  


From 1918 to 1920, he did his compulsory military service as a solder in the Regiment of Life Guards. Vladigerovi brothers gave a lot of charity concerts all over the country.

In 1920, for a second time, he received the Mendelssohn Prize for his Three Impressions for Orchestra from Opus 9. He returned to Germany to continue his education in the master classes of the Academy of Arts in Berlin.