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About Pancho Vladigerov

by Nikolay Liliev

Pancho Vladigerov is one of the most highly esteemed, lively and emotional representatives of Bulgarian musical culture. His reputation of a composer and performer has long since passed the boundaries of his own country. In the last thirty years, every symphony orchestra or prominent conductor has been tempted to add Pancho Vladigerov’s musical compositions to his repertoire.

Always inspired, always confident of what he writes, keeping both his feet on the ground - the land he loves and passionately praises in song, Vladigerov translates everything he touches into music. Born a musician, in his yearly childhood, he was foreordained to be a musician. He constantly creates new, surprising pieces of music, marvellous variations of themes and colours, which are among the greatest assets of our music. Every musical genre is covered by Pancho Vladigerov, whose capacity for work, combined with an incredible talent, is found only in great men.

Being our national pride and glory, his never fading works will always have the charm and freshness of a great and fevered imagination.

/An excerpt from Liliev’s speech at the celebration of composer’s 50th anniversary, Sofia, 1949./