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Life in Dates

1945 - 1969 Years of creative adulthood

In 1946, the honorary title National Artist of Bulgaria was conferred on Pancho Vladigerov. He was rewarded with the Order of Merit (Third Class). He wrote A Legend about the Lake, a ballet in three acts with a libretto by Ivan Genov and Nina Anisimova. Its premiere was in 1962.

In 1947, he composed Suite № 1 for orchestra from the music to the ballet A Legend about the Lake. In 1953, he wrote Suite № 2.

In 1948, Vladigerov did his first big concert tour in the Scandinavian countries and Russia.

In 1949, he wrote his Symphony № 2 “May” for string orchestra. He was a member of the Bulgarian cultural delegation at the World Congress of Peace in Paris. He was awarded the Silver Medal of Science and Arts.

In 1950, on February 11, a concert and celebration of the composer’s 50th anniversary were held. He was presented with a Dimitrov Award (First Class) for his significant works and contribution to the development of Bulgarian musical culture as well as with the Insignia of Honour of the Sofia City State Council (Second Class).

In 1952, Pancho wrote his Jewish poem, dedicated to his grandfather Leon Pasternak. He was reappointed a full-time teacher in composition.

In 1953, he received the Dimitrov Award for a second time for his Jewish Poem.

In 1954, he composed the incidental music for Orlin Vassilev’s play Happiness, staged at the Youth Theatre in Sofia.

In 1956, he was a member of the jury at the Franz Liszt Competition in Budapest.

In 1957, he was a member of the jury in the piano competition at the International Youth Festival in Moscow.

In 1959, on April 9, Vladigerov’s 60th anniversary was celebrated. He was awarded the Order of the Republic of Bulgaria (First Class) and the Insignia of Honour of Sofia (First Class). Composer’s first wife, Ekaterina, died. The same year Vladigerov was invited to join the jury at the Ferruccio Busoni Piano Competition in Bolzano. At the end of the year, he married Elka Vladigerova, who was a pianist. She was his faithful companion until the end of his life.

In 1962, the opera Tsar Kaloyan, remade by the author, was staged once more time at the Russe National Opera.

In 1963, he wrote his Concerto for Piano and Orchestra № 5, dedicated to his wife Elka. The Sofia National Opera performed the ballet A Legend about the Lake in Barcelona.

In 1967, the honorary title Hero of Soviet Labour and the Order of Georgi Dimitrov were conferred on him.

In 1968, Vladigerov completed his Second Violin Concerto, dedicated to Dina Schneiderman. He received the prestigious Gottfried von Herder Prize of the University of Vienna for special contribution to the development of East European arts and cultural heritage.

In 1969, his 70th anniversary was celebrated in Sofia, Shumen and Russe. He was presented with the Order of Georgi Dimitrov for a second time. He resigned from his teaching position at the Academy of Music. He had educated a constellation of talented composers, leading music theoreticians and musicians.