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Life in Dates

1970 - 1978 Last years

In 1972, Pancho Vladigerov wrote Lyulin Impressions.

In 1973, the Prize of Sofia was bestowed upon him for his Lyulin Impressions.

In 1974, for a third time he was awarded the Order of Georgi Dimitrov for his 75th anniversary. On May 27, his anniversary was officially celebrated by a concert of the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Alexander Vladigerov.

For the first time, Vladigerov received recognition as one of the Bulgarian musical classics. The anniversary was celebrated again in Shumen and Russe, Vienna and Moscow. The titles Honorary Citizen of Sofia, Honorary Citizen of Shumen, and Honorary Citizen of Gabrovo were conferred on him.

In 1975, Tsar Kaloyan was staged at the Sofia National Opera House.

From 1976 to 1977, Vladigerov devoted all his time to working on transcriptions of his pieces for two pianos, motivated by his interest in such a type of composing and inspired by the Julia and Constantine Ganevi Piano Duo. He wrote 13 transcriptions.

From 1972 to 1978, Vladigerov wrote six short piano opuses with their own programme titles, which he dedicated to his favourite students and interpreters. The last cycle Three Bagatelles, op. 70, was completed by the composer on July 14, 1978. This piece had the last opus number in Vladigerov’s creative work.

In 1978, Tsar Kaloyan was staged in Varna. The premiere was on July 22, 1978. The title Honorary Citizen of Varna was conferred on Vladigerov.

On September 8, 1978, he unexpectedly died of hearth failure. On September 11, he was buried at the Central Cemetery of Sofia, Golgotha Alley.