Pancho Vladigerov

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Mission & Aims

The founder of the Pancho Vladigerov Foundation, Pancho Vladigerov, Jr., and the members of the Board of Trustees undertook as a major task to popularise the personality and creative work of the great Bulgarian composer, pianist and pedagogue Pancho Vladigerov and his legacy. In order to fulfil this noble mission, the foundation sets itself the following objectives:


  • To find and popularise materials evidencing the creative and performing art of Pancho Vladigerov and his students and followers.
  • To organise concerts of established Bulgarian and foreign performers.
  • To promote concert performances of young talents – pupils and students.
  • To organise charity concerts.
  • To provide scholarships and grants to talented pupils and students.
  • To organise and hold conferences, discussions, round tables, and seminars on issues and problems concerning Bulgarian and world musicology and science of art.
  • To supervise the protection and management of the copyright on Vladigerov’s works.
  • To initiate research programmes, to provide expert advice and consultations.
  • To conduct activities, establish contacts and partnership with similar governmental and non-governmental organisations.