Pancho Vladigerov House Museum in Sofia

From Pancho Vladigerov’s testament

“…If the state should turn the part of the house in which my wife and I lived into a museum, it is my will that: my wife, Elka Vladigerova, shall remain there until her death and she shall be appointed as curator and keeper of this museum.

It is also my will that: all my original manuscripts, as well as all my printed works, all my notes and musical scores, all my gramophone records, my magnetic tape strips, as well as my entire archive, including letters and various other documents, shall remain at my home, irrespective of when it shall be turned into a museum.

I sign this document of my own free will.

Sofia, 29 November 1976
Prof. Pancho Haralanov Vladigerov

Bulgarian Cultural Institute and Pancho Vladigerov House Museum is situated in the family home of the composer, which was donated to the state via the National Endowment Fund 13 Centuries of Bulgaria by his wife, Elka Vladigerova, and his grandson Pancho Vladigerov, Jr., with the express will to establish a museum.