Interior of the Museum

The Schwechten grand piano and Vladigerov’s Steinway piano, a great concert instrument used for chamber concerts, master classes, etc., are part of the interior of the documentary exposition. The portraits of the Vladigerov brothers and their mother, Eliza Pasternak-Vladigerova, add to the cosy and warm environment of the household.

The composer’s favourite recreation spot is saved and restored next to the documentary exposition. The glazed folk-style veranda with French windows creates a nice mood, adds colour and is one swift transition to the greenery of the garden.

Vladigerov’s study is renovated in authentic style, the way the composer last left it. In the small room, there is the grand piano, the desk with the ever-present rubber and pencils on it, the favourite Vaterstuhl and a unique collection of framed photos hanging on the walls, with familiar faces of composers, conductors, pianists, violinists, singers, personal and professional friends of Vladigerov’s looking at us from there.

Most of the photographs are signed. This collection, compiled for over 60 years, constantly expanded and enriched, creates unique atmosphere of spiritual communication with the composer.