Administrative Council and Board of Directors

The composer’s grandson, who is named after him – Pancho Vladigerov, is the founder of the Foundation. He is also the Foundation Chairman. It is managed by a supreme collective body – Board of Directors.

Professor Vasil Kazandzhiev is an honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Board consists of 9 people, including the Chairman and the Honorary Chairman of the Foundation. The members are:

Pancho Aleksandrov Vladigerov, Vasil Ivanov Kazandzhiev, Yosif Borisov Radionov, Milcho Isakov Leviev, Stefan Stefanov Lazarov, Svetlana Jacques Avdala, Borislava Aleksandrova Taneva, Georgi Asenov Arnaudov, Momchil Lyubenov Georgiev.

The foundation is represented by the founder Pancho Aleksandrov Vladigerov and the Executive Director Angel Asenov, jointly and severally.