Mission and Goals

The founder of the Foundation, Pancho Vladigerov, Jr. and the board members make the popularisation of the persona and works of the great Bulgarian composer, pianist and pedagogue Pancho Vladigerov and his legacy their main goal. In order to fulfil this noble mission, the Foundation sets itself the following tasks:

  • to search for and popularise material evidence for the creative and music art of Pancho Vladigerov and his students and followers
  • to organise concerts of established Bulgarian and foreign musicians
  • to stimulate concert performances of young talents – students and pupils
  • to organise charity concerts
  • to establish scholarships and grants for gifted students and pupils
  • to organise and host theoretical conferences, discussions, round tables and seminars on subjects from the Bulgarian and foreign music and arts
  • to observe the protection and management of the copyright to Vladigerov’s works
  • to initiate research programmes, to perform expert and consulting activities
  • to perform activities, maintain contacts and partnerships with similar cultural governmental and non-governmental organisations