The Flowers Were Crying and a ballad Madcap from Opus 5 for bass and piano (1969) A ballad Madcap from Opus 5 for tenor and symphony orchestra (1978) Chang Ling’s Song and Soldier’s Song from Opus 19 for bass and piano / symphony orchestra Viola’s Song from Opus 26 for soprano and symphony orchestra (1958)

Piano transcriptions, 4 hands

Rhapsody Vardar, opus 16 Foxtrot (this transcription was written by Alexander Vladigerov, composer’s son, in 1981) Nine Years Have Passed, Yonke and Lordly Horo from Bulgarian Songs and Dances, opus 25 (1932) Hora Staccato (Dinicu – Vladigerov) (1977)

Transcriptions for two pianos

Walz Fantastic from Opus 2, № 4 The Dancer from the East from Opus 10, № 2 Swedish Dance from Opus 13, № 4 Rhapsody Vardar, opus 16 Bulgarian Suite, opus 21: March, Song, Horo Dancing and Rachenitsa Ah, Dimitro lyo, Bilyana and Large Horo from Opus 23 Romanian Dance from Opus 38, № 3

Piano transcriptions of orchestral pieces

March of the Promotion and Swedish Dance from Scandinavian Suite, opus 13 Rhapsody Vardar, opus 16 Eastern March from the music to Klabund‘s play The Circle of Chalk, opus 19 Bulgarian Suite, opus 21 “Ah, Dimitro lyo” and “Bilyana Bleached Cloth” from Seven Symphonic Bulgarian Dances, opus 23 Waltz from Symphony May, opus 44 Nocturne