Symphonic works

Pancho Vladigerov’s symphonic works emphasise very vividly on the features which are most specific for his style – powerful sound, a variety of orchestras, a profusion of colours and tones, a rich harmony with folklore motives, constant invention, richness of voices. Vladigerov’s mastery became evident in his free handling of a big orchestra, very often with a full percussion group. Some of his most famous works, like the Vardar Rhapsody, Improvisation and Toccata from Episodes Opus 36, etc., became extremely popular not in the original, but in their orchestra version. The Vardar Rhapsody, for example, is first composed by Vladigerov for violin and piano. Dmitri Shostakovich talked about one of Vladigerov’s most famous symphonic works, Jewish Poem, and stated: “A work like this is composed once in a century”.